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Common Pest


Most often you will see the Black Garden Ant. Attracted to sugar, they are quite common in summer months. More of a nuisance than a danger to humans.


Although mice are often kept as pets, they can be a health pest.

They can spread diseases through their urine, droppings and bedding.


Rats carry diseases and damage property.


They carry diseases from sewers into your homes and can be difficult to control.Two of the most common types are the German cockroach and Oriental cockroach. They like warm damp conditions, and can be found behind fridge freezers, which get warm around the electric motor to the rear of units.


They are good at controlling insects in the garden, and are helpful for the environment. Wasp nest should only be treated if they pose a threat to humans due to the proximity of nest to homes, work and play areas.

Bed Bugs

Bed bug bites can be irritating, and disturb sleep. They are not known to transmit disease to humans.



A flea bite on humans can cause infection. They should be treated quickly upon noticing them on your pet or in your home.

FliesImage result for free images fly

Flies feed by vomiting saliva onto the food surface and sucking up the resulting liquid. They spread bacteria and cause health issues.